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Orkin Pest & Termite Control
Orkin, Bird Control, Bee Removal, Home & Garden
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2668 Lapeer Rd Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Hi Tech Pest Control
Bee Removal, Home & Garden, Pest Control, Insect Control
Phone:(248) 569-8001
900 Wilshire Dr 202 Troy, MI 48084
Sergio's Pest Control
American Express Accepted, Debit Card Accepted, Visa Accepted, Ant Control
Phone:(248) 932-0018
3200 Parkland Dr West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Orkin Pest & Termite Control
Termite Control, Bee Removal, Pest Control
Phone:(877) 710-4046
Anteater Pest Control
Visa Accepted, Bat Control, Ant Control, Termite Control
Phone:(248) 666-5357
1755 N Williams Lk Rd Waterford, MI 48327
Wholesale Pest Control
Pest Control, Insect Control
Phone:(248) 689-1689
21712 Rosedale St Troy, MI 48083
Transparent Window Cleaning
Window Washing, Bird Control, Building Maintenance, Wholesale Window Cleaning Equipment
Phone:(248) 745-8995
207 W Walton Blvd Pontiac, MI 48340
Natural Way Lawn and Tree Service
Tree Services, Bird Control, Fertilize Lawns, Lawn & Garden
Phone:(248) 239-4000
2481 Brown Rd. Lake Orion, MI 48359
Vanish Pest Control
Termite Control, Bee Removal, Pest Control
Phone:(248) 909-7203
850 Ennest Blvd White Lake, MI 48386
5 Star Pest Control
Termite Control, Bee Removal, Pest Control
Phone:(734) 709-4020
29375 Sharon Ln Southfield, MI 48076
Advanced Pest Control
Termite Control, Pest Control, Insect Control, Rodent Control
Phone:(800) 338-4455
6878 Chase Ct West Bloomfield, MI 48322
TruGreen Lawn Care
Tree Services, Install Sod, Shrub Services, Fertilize Lawns
Phone:(855) 776-1070
2711 Commerce Drive Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Doug's Tree and Lawn Care, Inc
Blade Sharpening, Tree Services, Fertilize Lawns, Lawn & Garden
Phone:(248) 623-1453
3809 Airport Rd Waterford, MI 48329
Clarkston Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(248) 674-2063
2850 Alliance Dr Ste D Waterford, MI 48328
Complete Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(248) 332-9000
2488 Uplong St West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Ehrlich Pest Control
Orkin, Bird Control, Bat Control, Terminix
Phone:(610) 568-9032
269 Executive Dr Troy, MI 48083
American Lawn And Tree Arborists
American Express Accepted, Debit Card Accepted, Tree Services, Visa Accepted
Phone:(248) 585-2600
1012 Elmsford Dr Troy, MI 48083
Clarkston Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(248) 674-2063
5381 Mary Sue Ave Clarkston, MI 48346
Abell Pest Control INC
Pest Control
Phone:(248) 623-7191
3549 Airport Rd Waterford, MI 48329
Ant Doctor Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(248) 886-8664
2342 Ellery Ave Waterford, MI 48327

Maintaining a healthy garden today takes time, effort, patience and know how all the while trying not to spend a fortune while doing so to be productive as well. One factor is by the control of pests in the garden. A garden pest is defined in Wikipedia as “generally an insect, plant, or animal that engages in activity that the gardener considers undesirable.”

Gardening has grown more than just a social stature or Pest Removal Service Pontiac MI 48340 something that has been taken on as just a mere hobby. In today’s economy, many people grow gardens to supplement their food rather than buying it at the local store. By controlling the pests within the garden, we save time and money. Here are a few tips on how to control that unwanted pest that haunts many of the gardens today.

One tip is to choose your plants carefully. Don’t purchase too many Pontiac MI 48340 plants of the same kind that attract the same pest. For example, by planting all corn you are to expect grubs that attack the roots, corn borers which attack the stalk and ears, and crows which attack the ears as well. By choosing this plant you will need chemical as well as outside stimulus to rid yourself of these pests. It take many different measures in gardening than by just buying a Commercial Pest Control Services Pontiac MI 48340 plant and sticking it in the ground.

Another way to control pests is to arm yourself any way you can. By choosing the right chemical for the right pest will save you money in the long run and that way you will not be stuck with having chemicals that you don’t need.

Putting up rabbit fencing will not only keep rabbits at bay, but most likely squirrels and skunks who are also bothersome pests.

Another Pontiac MI 48340 way to control pests that can be controlled humanely is done by using mechanical traps. Be warned though, by using mechanical traps means to trap the pest alive and can be just as harmful to you by releasing them back into the wild! They are wild animals and will defend themselves whenever and wherever they can. Trapping a live skunk or a live raccoon is a very dangerous thing. Animals will fight Pontiac MI 48340 back if they feel threatened in any way and I would not want to be on the receiving end of a skunk that feels threatened.

The important thing to understand in using pest control while gardening is using common sense. Do not do anything to your garden that would put a risk at your life. Gardening is a fun thing to do, don’t jeopardize that by doing the wrong thing.

Emergency pest control is necessary in some situations. In those instances when you simply cannot wait any longer to contact a professional, call on them right away. The key thing to remember here is that pests of all types can develop into larger groups through mass reproduction. In just a matter of days, a small group of pests can become a major colony that infests a large area of the home or building. For Pest Control Fumigation Pontiac MI 48340 that reason, it is not a good idea to wait for services to become available but to request immediate help.

Bees and Other Flying Insects

Some of the fastest reproducers are flying insects, including bees. Because these animals have the ability to cause significant harm to humans, it is a necessary step to get emergency pest control services as quickly as possible. This can help to reduce the overwhelming limitations you may be facing with using Pontiac MI 48340 a part of your home or yard. These animals can also become a large colony that is very well hidden. Downspouts, inside the walls of a home, between the pieces of siding and even unused cars can become a good hiding spot.


Another type of infestation that requires a significant amount of help right away is an infestation of termites. One of the key factors to keep in mind about these pests is that if Pest Control Sydney Pontiac MI 48340 you are seeing them, this indicates a large colony. They are very good at hiding. Additionally, they can cause serious structural damage to a home or building within a matter of days. If there is evidence of a problem, it is a good idea to seek out a trusted exterminator to come to your home right away to treat it.

Bed Bugs

No one wants to talk about these pests because they are so invasive and Pontiac MI 48340 difficult to kill. However, if you have any of the warning signs for these conditions, it is critical to take steps right away to get rid of them. Unfortunately, that is very hard to do on your own. It is usually necessary to use a professional to get rid of bed bugs throughout your home.

In these situations, and others, it is very important to get emergency pest control rather than to wait for it. Pontiac MI 48340 If your home is infested, this means you and your loved ones are at risk for the poison and potential diseases these critters carry with them, not to mention the simple fact that you do not want to share your home with them. Contact a professional right away to find out what your options are for overcoming this type of infestation. It may be best to act sooner rather than later.

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