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Molemen Inc
Bird Control, Inspection Services, Lawn Maintenance, Pest Control
Phone:(517) 489-3238
2367 Miller Hwy Olivet, MI 49076
Aardvark Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(517) 680-1600
2932 Page Albion, MI 49224
Average Joes Pest Control LLC
Phone:(517) 262-6972
5195 Cummings Road Jackson, MI 49201
Baruti, Timur, Md - Leslie Family Community Med
Medical Services, Surgeons, Family Doctors, Pest Control
Phone:(517) 589-8252
207 E Bellevue St Leslie, MI 49251
Swain's Pest Control
Pest Control, Insect Control
Phone:(517) 783-3013
3130 McCain Rd Jackson, MI 49203
Assassin Pest Control LLC
Pest Control
Phone:(517) 745-0066
PO Box 1234 Jackson, MI 49204
Durite Exterminator
Building Inspections, Inspection Services, Home Inspections, Wholesale Pest Control Equipment
Phone:(517) 789-6777
117 E Wilkins St Jackson, MI 49203
Aardvark Pest Control
Visa Accepted, Termite Control, Bee Removal, Pest Control
Phone:(517) 782-0422
2932 Page Ave Jackson, MI 49203
City Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(517) 882-8969
5099 Pinch Hwy Potterville, MI 48876
Bug Doctor
Bee Removal, Pest Control
Phone:(517) 645-8005
5099 Pinch Hwy Potterville, MI 48876
Jaxson Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(517) 812-9151
1220 E South St Jackson, MI 49203
Terminix Pest Control
Bird Control, Bee Removal, Mothproofing, Insect Control
Phone:(855) 397-0041
$50 Off Terminix Pest Control
Phone:() -
1235 Roth Drive Suite A Lansing, MI 48911
Trugreen Lawn Care
Tree Services, Install Sod, Shrub Services, Fertilize Lawns
Phone:(855) 848-5937
5935 Enterprise Dr Lansing, MI 48911
Unlimited Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:() -
4300 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Lansing, MI 48910
Rose Pest Solutions
Statuary, Waste Management, Ant Control, Termite Control
Phone:(517) 322-9422
7706 Rickle St Lansing, MI 48917
Orkin Pest & Termite Control
Orkin, Bird Control, Bee Removal, Home & Garden
Phone:(866) 713-9979
5236 Dumond CT F Lansing, MI 48917
Hull's Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(517) 896-0693
1025 Gordon Street Lansing, MI 48910
Great Lakes Window Cleaning
Bird Control, Dry Cleaners, Gutters & Downspouts, Government Contractors
Phone:(517) 482-4040
501 W Mount Hope Ave Lansing, MI 48910
Absolute Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone:(517) 655-8989
125 E Middle St Williamston, MI 48895

Maintaining a healthy garden today takes time, effort, patience and know how all the while trying not to spend a fortune while doing so to be productive as well. One factor is by the control of pests in the garden. A garden pest is defined in Wikipedia as “generally an insect, plant, or animal that engages in activity that the gardener considers undesirable.”

Gardening has grown more than just a social stature or Pest Inspection Services Springport MI 49284 something that has been taken on as just a mere hobby. In today’s economy, many people grow gardens to supplement their food rather than buying it at the local store. By controlling the pests within the garden, we save time and money. Here are a few tips on how to control that unwanted pest that haunts many of the gardens today.

One tip is to choose your plants carefully. Don’t purchase too many Springport MI 49284 plants of the same kind that attract the same pest. For example, by planting all corn you are to expect grubs that attack the roots, corn borers which attack the stalk and ears, and crows which attack the ears as well. By choosing this plant you will need chemical as well as outside stimulus to rid yourself of these pests. It take many different measures in gardening than by just buying a Cockroach Control Springport MI 49284 plant and sticking it in the ground.

Another way to control pests is to arm yourself any way you can. By choosing the right chemical for the right pest will save you money in the long run and that way you will not be stuck with having chemicals that you don’t need.

Putting up rabbit fencing will not only keep rabbits at bay, but most likely squirrels and skunks who are also bothersome pests.

Another Springport MI 49284 way to control pests that can be controlled humanely is done by using mechanical traps. Be warned though, by using mechanical traps means to trap the pest alive and can be just as harmful to you by releasing them back into the wild! They are wild animals and will defend themselves whenever and wherever they can. Trapping a live skunk or a live raccoon is a very dangerous thing. Animals will fight Springport MI 49284 back if they feel threatened in any way and I would not want to be on the receiving end of a skunk that feels threatened.

The important thing to understand in using pest control while gardening is using common sense. Do not do anything to your garden that would put a risk at your life. Gardening is a fun thing to do, don’t jeopardize that by doing the wrong thing.

To put it in simpler terms, pests cause problems. They can ruin your lawn, your electronic devices as well as your food, among others. In case you are experiencing an infestation of pets in your home, your best course of action is to get in touch with a pest control company. However, you just don’t want to call up any pest control company. You should call one that knows how to exactly Best Insecticide For Termites Springport MI 49284 do what they’re supposed to do.

Before making your final choice in which pest control company to go for, you ought to take into consideration certain factors for you to be satisfied with their work. This is vital not because you’ll be doing it for the very first time, it’s also important for any future jobs you’d need them to do.

In case you know people who’ve had experience dealing with a certain pest Springport MI 49284 control firm, you should ask them who they recommend. They’ll be glad to tell you which of them you should get in touch with and which ones to avoid. If you haven’t got any good referrals, you’re going to need to make a list of possible candidates from your classified ads or you could go online and search for some. Once you’ve made your list, get on the phone and call them Pest Defense Springport MI 49284 up. In addition, ask them these questions before you make your choice:

1. How many years have you been in the business? – This is a good sign since good companies last way longer than bad ones, that’s for sure. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes a company good. You should realize that companies started somewhere.

2. Are they insured as well as licensed? – Many a pest control company is required Springport MI 49284 to have licenses. There are also many that operate without any. Be sure that the one you’re going for has a license. If you’re in doubt, you can ask for proof.

3. Have they got any references? – If companies provide quality service to their clients, they’ll likely have a number of previous customers who they can provide as reference. Be sure that you ask for and check them. You’ll be surprised to Springport MI 49284 know the number of companies that give out the names of clients who are less than satisfied.

So, before you go on and hire one of these pest control companies, be sure they’ve been in the business for quite some time, they’re insured and licensed and have some references you could get in touch with.

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